Who we are

vb&t Capital markets International is an enterprising, internationally oriented real estate consultancy. We are a subsidiary of a Dutch expert in real estate management, which operates on the European real estate market from seven offices and with over 200 professionals. Our focus is mainly on markets in the Benelux countries and in Germany.

We can offer practical advice and support whether you are interested in residential property, commercial or logistics real estate, healthcare property or parking facilities. And that extends to new developments, renovations and inner city regeneration and development. You can benefit most from our strengths by involving us at an early stage in decisions relating to your portfolio investments, dispositions and/or expansions.

This is what we want to mean

The days when property values rose automatically year after year are over. Asset managers or investors like you can no longer rely on that as a matter of course. Today’s reality is that the value of your real estate, with the exception of property in attractive locations, is to be found in the good relationship you have with your tenants. And that therefore means the extent to which the property meets their expectations or – even better – exceeds them.

The challenge is for you, the investor, investment manager or asset manager to set out an extremely effective ‘performance strategy’ and abide by it throughout the entire lifetime of your investments or portfolio.

vb&t Capital Markets International will act as your business partner in this by providing advice and support on a continuous basis. Our starting point will be the wishes and expectations of your tenants and, by implication, your interests. We, in turn, want to be the professional, committed partner who constantly exceeds your expectations. A partner who makes the difference for you down to the last detail.

The value of your real estate is to be found in the extent to which you exceed your tenants’ expectations.

This is our strength

vb&t Capital Markets International can offer you 50 years of experience, an excellent network, professional expertise and a track record that is as extensive as it is persuasive. But what really sets us apart from other real estate consultants is our unorthodox, results-oriented approach. It is an approach that is in keeping with vb&t group’s ambition to handle your long-term property management too. Whatever we advise you to do, we are willing and able to implement it for you in the future as well. In other words: we are not in the business of giving short-lived advice whose only purpose is to effect a transaction. We will show you the right thing to aim for on the horizon. And that is what makes us truly different: a business partner who will assist you on a permanent basis.

Don’t expect us to produce endless, expensive reports on strategies and scenarios. We will provide you with specific, ‘hands-on’ solutions that leave you in charge and noticeably save you time and money. Unconventional solutions for the challenges you face that add tangible value to your company balance sheet time and time again.

Clients describe us as having a personal touch, being focused on results, reliable, fast and discrete.

What you will recognise in us

  • Customer focus
    We examine your wishes and needs in depth and with sincerity and always base our thinking and our actions on your interests. Efficiently, thoroughly and effectively.
  • Reliable
    We do all we can to satisfy you, but in so doing, we set clear boundaries. Clarity makes us disciplined and honourable.
  • Specialist
    We are specialists in all the disciplines our company comprises. As such, we are a single practical specialist that makes complex matters easy to follow and, by so doing, reduces possible risks for you.
  • Collaboration
    Our business units are not alone in working closely together. We are also always looking for new, lasting partners that can give you and us added value.
  • Enterprising
    We seek out, see, create and make the most of opportunities: innovatively, courageously, but always in control.
  • Innovation
    We are constantly looking for new opportunities to enrich and modernize our services by challenging each other to come up with new insights and exploring new paths.

vb&t Group

Because vb&t has everything under one roof, we can relieve you of all the work and your concerns. Our various business units know where to find each other easily and coordinate their activities carefully. You can be sure of fast, smooth progress and of the best advice.

What is even more important is our firm belief that real estate is there to serve people and that people should therefore be at the heart of everything we do. You will discover that vb&t is a committed partner looking for a pleasant, long-term relationship.